Custom Programming

Do you need your POS system to do something unique? STCR Business Systems can create custom code to enhance IBM Supermarket, IBM ACE and SMS.

Requests for these types of projects sometimes come to us from your STCR salesperson but most often start at our Support Center. You may call the Support Center looking for a certain report or some functionality that you cannot find in the application, the Support Center analyst performs an initial investigation and finds that the solution is not in the application and then would pass your request to STCR’s Technical Solutions department for further investigation.

The process for creating a solution starts with you, our customer providing a detailed definition of your request. Sometimes it’s as simple as a new report but can be as complex as an entire new procedure or process. STCR will come back to you a number of times during this phase of defining the request as we want to ensure we have a complete understanding of your need before moving forward.

Once we have a full understanding, we will investigate to see if we can provide the enhancement by changing a configuration or personalization. Using what exists in the application is often the least expensive and fastest way to provide that needed change.

If we find that we need to make custom changes to the application, we will design the solution and then present that to you as a mock-up or an outline. We then ask you to approve this solution or tell us what needs to be different. Through this process we come to a mutual understanding of what STCR needs to create.

The next step is for STCR to create a proposal including the cost of the solution. Depending on the type of changes, the cost might include programming, configuration, testing, installation and setup. Some solutions may require STCR personnel to come to the store, others may not.

The final step is the in-store testing and roll-out. This might be as simple as you viewing a new report or as complex as a week long, in-store test. In the end our goal is to provide you with the solution to that unique challenge in the fastest, most efficient manner. For more information please contact STCR at (607) 757-018