Access to STCR's Premier Help Desk is Easy

We understand our clients' business and the missioncritical role the solutions we provide perform. Recognizing this, STCR has been offering easy access to 24x7x365 supportfor decades.

We maintain a team staffed with a highly qualified seasonedRetail Systems Analysts who are constantly updating their skills with ongoingproduct training.  We are always onstand-by to provide immediate assistance. As an IBM Premier Business Partner we consistently demonstrate a provencapability to deliver knowledgeable technical support; ensuring positiveoutcomes and achieving one of the highest customer satisfaction rates.

With an active Help Deskmaintenance agreement in place access to our technical support team is only aphone call away.  You can reach usanytime at 800-776-6576.  With a quickcall you are speaking to a live person who gathers some basic information.  This initiates an issue ticket that isassigned to a team member who starts promptly assisting you.  We appreciate the importance of gettingtimely answers and resolutions in a busy supermarket environment and alwayswork quickly to meet those needs.

We also understand not every situation requires immediateassistance and people welcome convenient alternatives to submitting supportrequests.  With this in mind we launchedthe STCR Online Help Desk webportal, enabling our customers to open a new incident as well as review thestatus and history of previous incidents. Email is yet another option to begin the process.  We use an industry leading call tracking systemto monitor all calls.  It supportsprocess automation to escalate and ensure follow up.

In an effort to constantly improve our support services everycustomer has an opportunity to let us know how we are doing by participating inour ‘Satisfaction Call Back’ process.  We know our systems and thatsupport is critical to our customers' operation.  We take an active interest in soliciting thisvital feedback.  Of course everyone lovesto hear how great they're doing, but more importantly we value the insightsthat help us improve our service delivery and always move quickly to correctany reported concerns.

STCR knows very well our clients' businesses depend on thesesystems and our support.  It has alwaysbeen our mission to deliver exceptional service and proven solutions.  We are constantly striving to achieve thehighest level of customer satisfaction. Discover the difference we can bring and let us help take care of yourbusiness.  We're just a phone call away.