Maintenance on your POS

As an Independent Grocer always looking to improve your business and cut costs it can be tempting to view your annual maintenance expense on your POS system as unnecessary. This can be a costly mistake. Unfortunately some don't perceive the value of maintenance until it is too late. None would argue the mission critical importance of the POS system. So what value does the maintenance provide you? Below is a breakdown of the three types of maintenance offered by STCR:

1. Hardware maintenance:
• Contract Management
• Asset Management
• Remote Diagnostics
• Call Dispatch and Coordination
• Call Tracking
• Call Resolution

2. Software maintenance:
• Access to software developer support
• Entitled to upgraded software levels (services not included)

3. Remote Help Desk Support:
• 24x7x365 access via phone, internet and email
• Remote diagnostics
• Call tracking
• Call resolution
• Remote program upgrades
• Answering 'how to' questions
• Software personalization changes
• Some setup and configuration changes
• Tax table updates
• Backup verification
• Disaster recovery
• Incident reporting
• Closed call automatic notification
• Satisfaction follow up call backs
• Online Help Desk access to open new calls and review call history

As you see the list is extensive, with the added benefit of fixed costs. Without this coverage you run the likely risk of costly and excessive down times and service bills, on an as-needed basis, upgrade software license fees and all the other intangible costs when your system is not performing properly. Typically, most service organizations prioritize resources for maintenance clients. Don't let your business be exposed to these unavoidable situations. Protect your investment and know that you are covered bumper-to-bumper. If you have any questions regarding STCR maintenance offerings, speak to one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives at (607) 757-0181.