Grocery Gift Cards for Gifts

Given the current economic situation there is a consumer shopping trend that is moving toward the giving of essential items. Nothing is more essential than food.

A growing population of consumers are giving the gift of food. It is not fruitcake, eggnog or candies. Instead, growing frugality is moving consumers toward baskets of fruits, kitchen staples and packages of meat. More and more people are demanding grocery gift cards to help their loved ones with the cost of food. During tough economic times, more people cut back on non-essential spending such as dining out, going to the movies, cable/satellite TV, etc. Food, however, is one item that people can not go without. Retailers and industry analysts alike say that gift shopping at the grocery store is growing in popularity. As more grocery stores increase their offering to include non-food items such as DVD, books, household and seasonal items, people are expanding their idea of grocery store providing more than just their meals.

Gift shopping at the supermarket is an attitudinal shift which food retailers are eager to encourage. According to an LA Times report, one California grocer had gift card sales jump as much as 30%. More people view food as a way to express love. This is prompting the revival of the traditional food gift basket as well.

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