Custom Content Marketing

Grocery store marketing typically consists of weekly specials promoted through ad; displays and customer loyalty programs that may provide product discounts or free gifts for spending a certain dollar amount. According to new data released by Greensboro-based Pace Communications, the U.S. grocery industry has increased the use of social media as part of a plan to gain customer loyalty.

Incorporating custom content into your marketing plan can help separate your store and help you move ahead of the competition. Blogs and social networking can help your marketing efforts, but most supermarkets are using these technologies to simply deliver the same information. Custom content is about giving your shoppers information that they can’t get anywhere else and making that content so appealing that your store becomes known as the best destination.

You are most likely already using custom content. For example a recipe page on your web site. You could take your single page of recipes and expand it into a separate website, one with its own brand identity that attracts people who want more than just weekly discounts. Add content such as general wellness information and seasonal recipes and you now have a branded site that offers shoppers something of lasting value. A web site that customers will turn to again and again and one they will recommend to friends and family. They will appreciate that it comes from you, the same trusted name they depend on to feed their families.

Another option is a magazine for your most loyal shoppers that is full of content created specifically about your stores. Does your meat department offer more antibiotic-free or organic selections than the competition? If so, do your customers know this? A custom magazine is the perfect way to share this information and others like it to further grow loyalty with your shoppers and separate your stores from all the rest.

A custom content strategy aims for the same goal as any other effective marketing plan. What makes custom content different is that it allows for the integration of those other tried-and-true marketing strategies that you already use, such as coupons and seasonal promotions. And no matter how custom content is implemented, results can be tracked, so that you know how well it’s working.