Upgrade From PCAnywhere To LogMeIn

If you are using PC Anywhere as your remote access software then you needto be aware of recent Symantec company reports of having their source codestolen for PCAnywhere.  Software Securityfirm Symantec has warned customers to stop using its pcAnywhere software.  For more detailed information followthis link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16740153to read the full article from the BBC. 

With current PCIrequirements that are not easily met using PCAnywhere, STCR suggests that youupgrade to LogMeIn for ease of use and ease of complying with PCI remote accessrequirements.  STCR's help desk will handle the individual users' loginsetup, distribution and changes, which will allow each remote user to have toindividual access therefore complying with another of the PCI requirements.

From the LogMeIn website help files regarding PCI:

Is LogMeIncompliant with PCI standards?

LogMeIn understands that security and adherence to PCI requirements arecritical, and we fully support our customers’ policies for ensuring theiradherence to PCI-DSS compliance.
Our remote connectivity services only maintains limited session data associatedwith remote computers and does not retain or store any information, includingany credit card data, from remote computers or any information transferredduring a remote access session. Additionally, we protect all informationtransmitted with full, end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption, the same encryptionmethod endorsed by MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We also support PCIcompliance with centralized user management, two-factor authentication forstrong access control measures, and maintain secure physical and networksecurity, with ongoing security monitoring & testing.

Fuel Up Your Store And Drive More Business

There is a growingtrend in the supermarket industry of selling gasoline and offering gas rewardsto cross promote.  The list ofsupermarket chains already offering gas is growing: Albertson's, Costco,Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart, etc.  The listgoes on.  In the near future grocers notselling gasoline will find themselves at a real disadvantage.  The push to add gas is seen as critical toincrease traffic, add convenience and drive customer loyalty.

STCR is excited to announce a new solution being offered toour customers:  SMS Fuel Control. SMS Fuel Control allows for the integration ofyour POS system with fuel pump capability. With one consolidated system,merchants can now manage all aspects of a fuel based operation.

All the features a merchants expects are at-the-pump, includingprepay and at-the-pump authorization. Additionally, this system addscapabilities to enhance control and flexibility for your business.  SMS Fuel provides: pump control from any POS,full or self-service operations (or a combination), integrated inventory andreporting, price book management and much more.

Promotions motivate customers and drive business, and SMSFuel easily delivers. With the same system managing both gas and in-storeoperations, SMS Fuel stores can customize numerous options within the system toappeal to a broader customer base. Major features include:
  • Pump Control
  • Pay at the Pump
  • Cross Promotions
  • Roll Back Price
  • Advertising
  • Loyalty at the Pump
  • Wet Stock Management
For more information about SMS Fuel and if it can integrated with your system, contact STCR at(607) 757-0181.

Protect Your Investment with A UPS

There is a veryimportant device needed to protect your technology investment.  It is called an UPS or uninterrupted powersupply.  The purpose of the UPS is toprevent a sudden loss of power and to allow for a controlled shutdown.  They also offer surge protection.  Computer equipment is very susceptible todamage from power surges which may not be covered by your maintenanceagreement.  It is highly recommended toplug all mission critical devices into a UPS (store controllers, networkswitches, registers, etc.).

In the event of a power loss the devices plugged into thebattery backup side of the UPS will be supplied battery power for a limitedamount of time.  This will allow you tofinish up any transactions or functions you may be doing, so you can thenperform a controlled shutdown until power is re-established.  Depending on the model and voltage of theequipment plugged into the UPS, the battery backup time can vary. 

While providing battery support, the UPS beeps to alert youof the condition, so corrective action can be taken.  The UPS will also beep when it is nearing theend of its life.  It is a good idea toperiodically test it to ensure it is in good working condition.  To test it, unplug the UPS itself from theoutlet it is plugged into.  If thedevices plugged into the battery side of the UPS stay up and running then thedevice is working properly.  If thedevices do not stay on, then your UPS is bad. 

For more information contact an STCR Representative at (607)757-0181 and we will be happy to assist you.

STCR at the NGA

Please join STCR at booth#805 at The N.G.A. Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mirage Hotel, February 12th- 15th.   STCR has partneredwith IBM and LOC Software to bring the latest in technology to you.  Come to booth #805 and participate in a shortdemonstration, your name will be entered in to one of two drawings for a Lenovo Tablet.  

The N.G.A Show offers a business learning experience thatallows you and your staff to focus on how your company should respond toindustry and marketplace trends and issues that will translate into greatersuccess and growth.  We look forward toseeing you there.


Mobile Wallets and More Ways to Use Them

There is a rush by many to findthe next standard in the Mobile Wallet boom.  This Holiday Season was a window to what wewill see in the coming year as retailers try to test the technology on the “earlyadopters” of the MW technology.  Anarticle in Time Magazine discussed the recent transition of these companies asthey try to convert billions of dollars’ worth of transactions to cashless inthe coming year.

Here are just a few ways the Mobile Wallet isdeveloping.  Salvation Army Santas usedmobile phones to take donations this Christmas season.  Google has just launched Google Wallet inpartnership with Citibank, Mastercard and Sprint’s nexus S 4G phone.  PayPal will announce 20 partnerships this yeardesigned to allow you to order ahead, self-check out in stores and simply useyour phone number and pin to pay for purchases.  Isis, a Verizon AT&T and T-Mobile walletwith Visa, AmEx, Discover and Mastercard partnerships launches this year inSalt Lake City and Austin.  Visa’s ownvirtual wallet, V.Me, is also around the corner.  And don’t forget Apple, whose stores arealready using the iPhone to checkout customers.

There are a number of different deployment methods from NFC(near filed communications) to text messaging. Either way, there won’t be a shortage of routes that will be explored.  Estimates are that 12.1 billion dollars willtransfer through MW technology in the coming year.  When the dust settles who will set thestandard?  Only time will tell…staytuned.