Montague Foods Implements Fuel Rewards

Montague Foods has beenserving Michigan’s White Lake community since 1988.  They first opened their doors in the groundfloor level of the building across the street from their present location.  Their purpose was to provide the White Lakecommunity with a truly local hometown supermarket where they could purchasequality food and groceries at an affordable price.

 Due to steady growth in the customer base and demand forincreased product selection, they began to look for opportunities and make plansfor expansion.  In 2001, they built a newstore in their current location, providing their customers with easier access,an updated shopping atmosphere and a greater variety of products to choosefrom.

They recently went through a remodel of the present store sothat they could again expand their line of products in many of theirdepartments, and be able to serve their customers even more effectively.

As part of the remodel they installed gas tanks and pumps inthe parking lot to allow them to offer an additional convenience to theircustomers.  As part of the new offeringthe SMS fuel control was installed by STCR to allow them to manage bothin-store and fuel pumps, with the same system. This allows them to customize numerous options within the system toappeal to a broader customer base, while promoting shopping rewards that can beredeemed at the gas station.