McQuade's Marketplace Wins “Green Chill Award”

McQuade's Marketplacehas been recognized by the federal government for its environmentalpractices.  The independent groceryretailer with stores in Westerly and Mystic, CT, as well as Jamestown, RI, wasrecognized by the Environmental Protection Agency's GreenChill Partnership forachievements in refrigerant management in the past year.

GreenChill, a voluntary program launched by the EPA in 2007,works with supermarkets to help them transition to environmentally friendlier refrigerants,reduce the amount of refrigerant they use, eliminate leaks, adopt greentechnologies and environmental best practices.  According to the EPA, refrigerants used bysupermarkets, if not managed properly, can contribute to climate change andharm the ozone layer.  More than 7,000stores belong to the GreenChill Partnership, 20 percent of the supermarketindustry.  GreenChill presents annualawards to retailers participating in the program.  McQuade's was awarded GreenChill's BestEmissions Rate Award for small retailers, for use of advanced refrigerationtechnology.

Michael McQuade, the company president, said the awardrecognized the cumulative performance of his three stores.  A new freezer system was installed in theWesterly store about 18 months ago.  If aleak develops, he said, the new system can lose no more than an eight-poundcharge or one gallon of Freon.  McQuade's had just a 6 percent Freon leak rate during the last year.  Before the advent of new technology, just fouryears ago, the EPA questioned whether stores could get below a 12 percent leakrate.  A conscientious staff that isfocused on maintenance put the chain in contention for the award.