Investing In Training is Profitable

The most successfulcompanies have long recognized the value of a well trained staff.  Some of the many reasons savvy businessowners realize how investing in training will impact the bottom line are:  increased job satisfaction and morale amongemployees; increased employee motivation; increased efficiencies in processes,resulting in financial gain; increased capacity to adopt new technologies andmethods; increased innovation in strategies and products; reduced employee turnover;enhanced company image.  These are justsome of the compelling arguments to make ongoing training an organizationalgoal.

Staff training can be on the job where more experiencedemployees are assigned to train new employees. Cross-training existing employees various tasks handled by otheremployees is also important.  Thisensures operations are not disrupted when employees leave the company eithertemporarily or permanently.  Sometimes acompany does not have the knowledge internally to train staff for variousreasons: key person left the company, company acquired new technology or simplywants to learn how to leverage more features/functions from their currenttechnology.  Regardless of the reason, aprudent owner will recognize the investment value of developing their humanresource to actualize increased efficiencies that will ultimately impact thebottom line.

These same principles hold true for independent grocers inthis competitive market.  As a solutionsprovider for independent grocers we understand these needs and have developedtraining programs to assist our customers in this ongoing effort.  If you want to make the investment to improveyour operation, contact STCR at (607) 757-0181.