IBM POS Store Solutions

IBM Retail Store Solutions develops products primarily for point of sale and consumer service devices. These are not office PCs repackaged or customized for retail applications; they are systems specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the real retail world. During industrial design, IBM ensures retail hardening through:

Material selection
IBM insists on high-quality materials, using heavier grades of sheet metal and impact resistant plastics. The plastic they select is UV-resistant to prevent yellowing, which can occur with systems that are exposed to direct sunlight. It is pliant, so it helps resist cracking. Plus, the plastic they use to construct the exterior components of the system (including the monitor and peripherals) meets the highest ratings for flammability resistance. This plastic helps minimize risk, because it is designed to help control the spread of fire in a store, should one occur.

Component selection
IBM uses considerable collective purchasing power to acquire high-quality components. They have an ‘A-list’ of key suppliers and invest heavily in quality assurance programs for these select few suppliers. This allows IBM to select components that are designed to deliver longer life spans under retail conditions. A good example is their connectors, the majority of which are gold-plated to reduce corrosion. Other commercial PC manufacturers use tin-plated connectors that are not as robust for retail environments.

In some situations where IBM was unable to find the proper retail-ready components, they designed them. For example, they have created system boards with a planned life cycle production that is considerably longer than the production run of a typical PC. They do this because most rollouts in retail can take more than six months (the typical PC product life). With their system board, retailers can maintain a single platform throughout an enterprise rollout without having to purchase all the hardware in advance of the installation. If a standard PC system board were used, retailers would probably have to buy all the systems in advance or support up to four discrete hardware platforms
Can your retail systems meet these standards? Are they retail-hardened to deliver reliability from day one? Request a quote today to see how IBM retail solutions can deliver stronger performance and greater value for your business. To learn how an IBM POS can transform your front end operations, please contact STCR Business Systems, Inc. at (607) 757-0181. STCR has been selling, installing and supporting IBM Cash Register Systems for more than 30 years and we have been in business for 44 years. We are an IBM Premier Business Partner with the in-house expertise to install and support IBM Products and train your personnel in the most professional manner.