Use Exception Reporting to Fight Shrink

Leveraging your POS system's exception reporting to run a tight ship is just one of the valuable tools that are often never fully developed by store operations. The benefits are many fold and should be explored and customized to your business. It's an ongoing effort to analyze and retool practices and processes to fight shrink by quickly identifying impropriety and product pricing issues as well as fine tune performance metrics and training.

The purpose is for monitoring, analysis, reporting and decision-making. Personalizing the various data capture settings to your environment enables management with timely, accurate, relevant, actionable information to audit and control the POS operations. It allows for management to standardize and evaluate performance expectations. If requirements are not being met a report can be reviewed with the employee to decide on appropriate action to re-train, re-assign or terminate as needed. They can also be used to identify top performers and goal achievements to promote quality and productivity. The important point is it provides a consistent fact based method for performance appraisal. More importantly these techniques can help address employee based shrink revealing impropriety via theft, sweet-hearting or simple unreported pricing issues.

Using these tools to shrink the shrink and grow a well-trained performance oriented team will promote business goals and drive the bottom line in the right direction. STCR provides POS solutions and services to assist with these critical efforts. Are you getting the results you need? Take a look at what features you could be using to incorporate these best practices into your business operations. If you’re not sure where to begin, call your STCR Sales Representative at (607) 757-0181.