How to Capitalize on Your Business Name

How much time and money did you spend identifying the name of your business? Did the name just come to you or did you enlist the help of others? Did you go back and forth before deciding? However it was determined, the process of choosing the name has likely come and gone.

Do you really know what your brand name is saying about your business? Potential customers will likely hear the name before they hear anything else. Below are a few methods small business owners have used to choose a business name:

1. Familial. Some of the world’s best companies started with a grandfather name. Simply by taking the name of the original founder, a business led by experience is created. Chances are by using a grandfather name you may have a strong personality at the head of the company. This person is likely the voice of the company and will give people a personal connection to the business. More business opportunities will be created as potential customers are able to relate to this individual.

2. Logical. Logic is a useful and often underrated way to name a business. The biggest benefit of using logic is the immediate connection to the business felt by anyone who hears the company name. Use every chance you can to remind people about your business name. Put it on the side of your company car, promote in the media, or assist local charities. Repeat the name often on your website. The more you establish your business name, the more customers will be drawn to you.

3. Localized. By using a specific location in the name of your business, you have highlighted the fact that your location is a key reason customers will visit you. Much of the value you can gain from this comes from utilizing smart ways to reach out to potential customers that are already close to your location.

4. Random. For some businesses, having a unique name is the most important element, as it can help you stand out and be memorable. If you have a distinctive name, chances are you also have created a logo or visual of that name to be recognizable in your industry. Consistency is a very big part of your business. Use it on all your printed materials, repeat it often and integrate the name into everything that you do.