Is Your Store Secure?

Security, it’s the buzz word these days and everyone wants to feel secure. Everyone wants security but what does it mean to be secure? For starters, it’s important to make your store secure from intruders. You probably have security systems to prevent intrusion and theft. Beyond the physical security, do you know how secure your POS system and your computer networks are?

You are probably aware that as a store operator who processes credit cards you are required to follow the PCI guideline to protect the personal data of your customers. One of the many things that you have to do is to make sure that your POS software is updated to the level that is compliant. This is probably the most obvious step toward compliancy. However, there are several other areas where you need to pay attention.

If you have Internet connection at your store, you are vulnerable to Internet intrusions. The intrusion could come in many forms such as virus, spyware, etc. There are also more active ways that a hacker could gain access to your computer. The task is to stay ahead of these intrusions and it’s a never ending process.

To secure your network you need to have hardware and software that is designed to limit access to and from your store. A firewall is a solution to protect your system. Firewalls can be hardware solution or software solutions. For example, SonicWall Firewall is a solution that provides a physical connection of your internal network. It segregates your internal network from the public Internet. It has an array of functions and features that protects your internal network. For example, you can limit the Web sites that someone could access; thus, limit the chance of virus or spyware from getting into your computers. It also has the ability to centrally deploy antivirus software to all the Windows PC on the network.
Even with all the technology to protect your system, the best practice is to limit web access to business related traffic only. Just because you use Windows PCs, doesn’t mean you should use them like the Windows PCs you have at home. A good rule of thumb is to “Let your POS system function as they are designed – to run your POS system.” This way you will further limit any chance of intrusion.

As the technology advances, so do the ways that hackers will come up with to try to steal valuable information. This is a never ending battle and you need to keep up with hardware and software technologies that are designed to stay ahead of the crooks. As a POS systems provider, STCR is here to provide the ever changing solution to help you stay up to date. If you have question on whether your network is secure or if your POS software is up to date, please contact us at (607) 757-0181.