Boarman's Meat Market

Recently change has come to what is affectionately known by locals as the “Heart of the Heartland”.  Boarman’s Meat Market, a fixture in Maryland, has meshed old fashioned, neighborly business ethic with cutting edge POS technology.

Three generations of Boarman’s -- Larry, George II, his wife Terri, their son Georgie III and valued employees continue in the tradition of down home service initiated by family patriarch George L. Boarman I. Since 1955 the Boarman’s have been rendering service with that special touch continuing the tradition from the Mt. Rainier, Maryland, store which opened in 1933, things such as home delivery. Back in the days of the 30's and 40's, the drivers had access to customers' home keys and no one gave it a second thought to finding groceries neatly put away and the house locked backup tight. Today grateful seniors enjoy much the same service. It's not unusual to be greeted with a hug when entering the store or answering your door during a snow storm only to find George II with kerosene in hand and his horse in tow when no one else could get to the house.

It is with such values in mind that the family searched for a new POS system. When it came time, they decided on a vendor who is patient with the process of acclimatizing to new technology. Someone who is available at odd hours when the need arises. Most importantly someone who shares their understanding of how important loyal customers are to the grocery business.
"After researching various POS systems, we were sold on STCR because of their promise of support and service. STCR has lived up to that promise above and beyond. You would think they are your next door neighbor, always available and willing to help. The program was easy to learn and the Help Desk is FANTASTIC. It was reassuring to know that one company handles the entire bundle, not two or three different manufacturers' programs that have been integrated. The equipment is top notch too. We are very pleased with the system and already feel like we have a better handle of our business."
Issues such as GS1 Data Bar, PCI compliance and Triple Des Encryption were left to STCR while the important things like the best Sausage in the area, commitment to old fashioned community values and hugs were left to the experts at Boarman's Meat Market.