Know Your POS

You may not be a mechanic yet you may be surprised on how much you really know about cars. Why does your car need gas? What does oil do? Tires are good for what? And what does the engine do? You may not be an expert in cars yet you do have a basic understanding of them. The same should be true with your POS system.

Get to know your equipment. Like a car your POS system is made up of different parts that work together to move your business forward.

What does your controller/server do? Your controller/ server processes transaction information for your accounting and reporting. It also handles item maintenance.

What devices create your network? Hubs/switches are the devices that create your network.

How can STCR connect into your store? The answer to this question is usually store specific. STCR offers a range of options for connecting to your store such as LogMeIn and PCAnywhere

How does your store communicate with your credit card processor? STCR supports multiple EFT processors and multiple ways to communicate with them. Satellite or high speed internet are the current popular choices for communication, yet the choice is yours.
A basic understanding of the answers to these questions is the key to keep your business running smoothly. Knowing where your equipment is located is just as important as knowing what it does.