Customer Survey

Everyday retailers think about how to increase their profits. Many of the ideas come from years of researching buying patterns. How often is the consumer asked “what made you buy that?” or “why do you shop at one store over another?”

The NGA (National Grocers Association) has done a consumer survey report covering many topics from where consumers spend most of their money to nutritional concerns. There are many variables in the decision to shop in one store over another. Some of the items that were most important were:

• Store cleanliness - 83%
• High-quality fruits and Vegetables – 90%
• Low Prices – 51%
• High Quality Meats - 76%
• Convenient Location – 36%
• Store Layout – 44%

The survey showed that 85% of the consumers do most of their food shopping in the traditional supermarket/grocery store. 5% shop at mass merchandisers and 3% said they shop at specialty foods store and warehouse clubs.