Protect Your Investment with A UPS

There is a veryimportant device needed to protect your technology investment.  It is called an UPS or uninterrupted powersupply.  The purpose of the UPS is toprevent a sudden loss of power and to allow for a controlled shutdown.  They also offer surge protection.  Computer equipment is very susceptible todamage from power surges which may not be covered by your maintenanceagreement.  It is highly recommended toplug all mission critical devices into a UPS (store controllers, networkswitches, registers, etc.).

In the event of a power loss the devices plugged into thebattery backup side of the UPS will be supplied battery power for a limitedamount of time.  This will allow you tofinish up any transactions or functions you may be doing, so you can thenperform a controlled shutdown until power is re-established.  Depending on the model and voltage of theequipment plugged into the UPS, the battery backup time can vary. 

While providing battery support, the UPS beeps to alert youof the condition, so corrective action can be taken.  The UPS will also beep when it is nearing theend of its life.  It is a good idea toperiodically test it to ensure it is in good working condition.  To test it, unplug the UPS itself from theoutlet it is plugged into.  If thedevices plugged into the battery side of the UPS stay up and running then thedevice is working properly.  If thedevices do not stay on, then your UPS is bad. 

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