LogMeIN Remote Connection

In today’s world protecting and securing company’s data is considered to be of the highest importance. Most businesses rely heavily on their point-of-sale systems, requiring them to run at peak performance in order to optimize business productivity. IT professionals use strategies for accessing company systems to address issues, provide maintenance and keep equipment performing and operating efficiently. If a remote access solution, several questions arise. How secure is secure is your connection? Who has access to your machine? Are you aware of the security encryption level of you current product? Is your data at risk?

There are many remote connection options available. LogMeIn Pro is an excellent choice, with its security level, system monitoring abilities and notification responses. As with many remote solutions, security is the main focus for users of these products. It was the focus for the design of LogMeIn, which is why it utilizes an AES 256-bit encryption; the same security trusted by online banks. This will ensure that the data transfer from one machine to the next is as secure as online banking transactions.

LogMeIn is always searching for new and inventive ways to create a secure environment. Updates to the program to keep it a secure and compliant with PCI guidelines, users are sent notifications of these updates. LogMeIn provides monitoring and notification on systems which it is running. Logging of events and systems changes aide in supporting and improving system performance. LogMeIn can also send notifications of access, noteworthy events on any machine, as well as send alerts directly through e-mail for proper attention and prevention.

Choosing the right solution for your business is critical for its continued success. The ability for your support team to monitor and access your point-of-sale systems at those business critical times is a value that cannot be matched. LogMeIn offers these solutions and peace-of-mind with remote access solutions. For more detailed information on how this solution will work with current business practices, please contact STCR at (607) 757-0181 and experience the benefits first hand.