STCR Welcomes North Coast Co-op

Since 1973, North Coast Co-op has been a member-owned consumer food cooperative in Northern California operating two full-service grocery stores in Arcata and Eureka. The Co-op has a production bakery and deli serving great food without artificial ingredients. They also use organic or natural ingredients whenever possible.

In March of 2009 the Co-op was recertified as an organic retailer by CCOF, a third party certifying agency. The North Coast Co-op is the first food co-op on the West Coast and the only food retailer in California north of the Bay Area, to be certified organic.

They recently installed STCR’s IBM SMS Integrated Retail Grocery System in both stores along with the SMS host system. With the host system, they centrally manage merchandise pricing and company reporting. As part of the implementation they are also utilizing STCR’s new “Locally Sourced Product” feature. Items that are sourced locally can be flagged in the item file as such. This distinction allows the system to display a separate sub-total and highlights this sub-total on the customers receipt as “Locally Sourced Products Purchased.”