The Shopping List

A study done by the NPD Groups, the leading global provider of consumer and retail market research information shows that 94% of shoppers prepare a written list before leaving the house and 72% say they never or rarely deviate from it. Of the 25% who do buy on impulse, value is the main motivation, 80% say they do so when they see an item on sale, 67% say they buy when they see items and remember they were needed and 37% say they do so when something looks like a good meal or snack.

For retailers, it's about helping consumers get what they want. About 70% of people shop at multiple locations and stores that can get creative, using list functions on their websites, developing list software, even providing ways they can send their list ahead of time and just pick up the groceries have a better chance of getting those consumers in their store. For grocers, that means marketing to people in their homes is more important, people eat many times a day, but typically shop only once a week. People are looking for recipes and ideas on the Internet, so food websites are really important as well.

While women still tend to do most of the family's food-related work, the whole family contributes to the list: 60% of married and family households pencil in what they want and kids add to lists in 40% of homes. Consumers aren't walking into stores without an agenda that means it's all about how to get consumers into your store.

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