Is Your Backup Working?

In the wise words of Ben Franklin ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. A good backup/recovery solution for mission critical systems is an ounce of prevention crucial to any business owner. The pain of a hard drive failure without a good backup could include irrecoverable data loss, having you system down for an unneeded longer amount of time and could prove to be very expensive. Not only is there the obvious expense of the required emergency services, but even more costly is the lost revenue and customers associated with excessive down times.

STCR Business Systems provides a full backup/recovery solution to all our customers but having a solution in place is only the first step. Ensuring it is completing correctly is the second step and should be a high priority for every store. Some solutions are automated but they too need to be inspected. It would be a mistake to assume a backup will be there when needed only to find out, when it’s too late, it’s not. There is no better way to protect your investment and minimize potential down times, due to a hard drive failure, than consistently confirming your backups are completing correctly. This way you can be proactive and call the Help Desk if there are any issues.
If you don’t know if your system(s) are backing up or even how to check, please call STCR’s Help Desk at (607) 757-0181. One of our friendly, professional Retail Systems Analysts will be happy to assist you. Let us help you prevent the costly mistake of not periodically verifying the backup solution is working successfully.