Is Your POS Ready for Summer?

After Memorial Day weekend it’s the unofficial start of the summer season. Most people will take some time away from work for vacation to enjoy time with their families. Before the temperature hits the summer time high, you may want to take a few moments to go over this POS system maintenance checklist to make sure your POS system is ready to handle the summer holiday rushes and the summer heat.

Checking your UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply, especially the battery backup side is critical to keep your POS system running smoothly. During summer seasons power consumption is at its highest. This increases the chance of power interruption in the form of blackouts or brownouts. A blackout is easier to detect but a brownout may not be easily felt. Power fluctuation could also cause a power surge. Any one of these power outage scenarios could damage your POS system or any electronic devices that are not protected by a surge protector or UPS. All of your POS system devices should be plugged into a UPS. If you have a UPS and do not remember when it was installed or replaced, you should replace them to ensure your store runs smoothly.

Your POS system is equipped with backup devices and media. There may be an automatic file backup in place but there is always a removable backup device and media in the form of a DVD-RW drive and discs. Your daily or weekly routine should be making sure your system is backed up to the removable media. This is the quickest way to restore your system after a hard drive replacement. Removable backup should be part of your operational routine, just like counting cashiers and running reports.

Take a moment to inspect the surroundings of your POS equipment. All electronic equipment has vents for cooling. Be sure your POS equipment has room for cooling by looking at the vents to be sure they are clear of dust and are not blocked. Although your IBM POS system is designed to withstand the toughest conditions in the retail environment, periodic cleaning is still a good practice to help your system run at peak performance.

These are just some of the regular maintenance practices that you should do to help prevent any system down time. Other maintenance practices include keeping your scanner/scale glass clean and clear of debris to ensure accurate scanning and weighing.

Your POS system is the mission critical part of your operation. It pays to practice simple maintenance measures to ensure you and your POS systems have a great summer.