The Back-UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) ES 750 VA includes a highly efficient charging system and modern look together with “green” features designed to minimize environmental impact while still offering the world’s most reliable power protection for computer systems and peripherals. Its new high frequency design means less copper is used which results in a smaller overall size and leads to the use of fewer plastics and less energy to ship it. Advanced features like Master/Controlled outlets that shut off power to printers, scanners and speakers when the computer is not in use saves additional money on electric bills and proves that it is possible to reduce electrical waste and still deliver up to 5 times more efficiency than competitive products.

• Ten surge protected outlets, 5 with battery backup.
• Master/Controlled outlets that conserve energy.
• Included PowerChute® safe system shutdown software.
• Full dataline protection.

By eliminating “phantom loads”, the BE750G can save an additional $28 per year* when compared with competitor’s models, for an average $40 total savings per year on your electric bill.

STCR Business Systems has been selling, installing and supporting electronic equipment for several years. We recommend a UPS Unit for each Controller and POS Terminal in your store. STCR is an IBM Premier Business Partner with the ability to install POS systems and train your personnel in the most professional manner. If you would like to upgrade your current UPS Units or add these safeguards to your installation, contact STCR Business Systems at (607) 757-0181.