IBM Executive Briefing Center

STCR had the opportunity to visit IBM’s Executive Briefing Center in Research Triangle Park, NC with one of their customers. The purpose was to learn more about the innovations of IBM Retail Store Solutions (RSS). It was quite the experience for both of us.
A few facts learned are:

• Retail Store Solution established in 1972
• 2 Million + POS shipped and installed
• 65% of the Top Retailers use IBM
• 16 year Leader in POS patent (4,100 patents in 2009)
• 40% of staff has 10+ years with IBM
• 10 year commitment to service and support on products once introduced
• Improvement in EFF increased about 35% which saves about $25/machine a year
Our group was taken on a tour of the RSS Development & Test Lab. We have always known IBM designed their Retail Store Solutions to exceed industry standards and for years we’ve touted this higher standard but this brought things to a whole new perspective.
First, this facility is larger then the inside of Giant Stadium. Half of it is filled with equipment running and diagnosing all of IBM’s Retail Software. All customer issues in the US go through this facility. The other half of this facility is where these machines are put to the physical test. Needless to say this is what really impressed us. It is like a torture chamber for the POS, each part of the system is exposed to various torture devices.

One station had a Touch Screens that had a gallon of water tossed at it while another underwent water boarding (placed under a container that drips gallons of water over it) and still another has a pinball machine like test performed on it to ensure the screen picks up movement. The printers are constantly printing and cutting; printing and cutting to stimulate several years of wear and tear. The terminals are electrically shocked and exposed to extreme temperatures (-40 – 140 degrees). Cash drawers loaded with nuts and bolts were mechanically opened and closed at various points to simulate a cashier’s habits. Dirt was replicated and deposited in machines to simulate years of accumulation and put into a device that accelerates use.

This tour was only an hour of a 2 day trip but what an impression it left. It reinforces our belief that IBM equipment is the best out there and STCR is the right company to bring it to you. If you are interested in visiting the IBM Executive Briefing Center please contact your sales representative at (607) 757-0181 and they will set things in motion.