GS1 Databar

How many times have complicated, expired or poorly functioning coupons aggravated your customers or slowed down your front end? With the release of the new GS1 Databar coupons in January 2011 many of these costly issues will be resolved.

The GS1 Databar is a new form of UPC that contains almost seven times the information of past UPC formats containing 72 digits of information. In this repository of information you will be able to enforce with a single scan a start date, expiration date, up to three purchase requirements along with the save value. No longer searching for expiration dates while your customers wait will speed up your front end and save you money.

Additional features, such as Coupon Shuffling, which ensures coupons, will apply to matching items. Also, new prompts to indicate a cashier to return a coupon when a discounted item is voided will increase your stores efficiency and lead to happier customers. GS1 support is one of the many new features available in the upcoming IBM POS system. Call your STCR representative at (607) 757-0181, to see if your system is ready to take advantage of the new GS1 Databar.