POS Tax Changes

Building and maintaining a tax rate within your POS system is an integral part of every store’s sales operations. The POS systems that we sell and support can fulfill a variety of operations to meet our customer’ needs. STCR’s Support Center can provide support for this aspect of your POS system. But there also needs to be some responsibility taken by the retailer for maintaining this rate.

All of our POS systems have the ability to have multiple tax tables to assist with reporting and differing tax needs. They also can, depending on the system settings, be easily changed and manipulated to meet your needs. These systems also have the ability to base the tax on tables that can be created with the POS system itself, depending on your area requirements.

STCR’s Support Center offers services to train customers on utilizing their system to make the setting changes needed or build a tax table using the POS system. STCR also offers training to develop, test and implement tax tables based on the table provided by the state.

It is important for the retailer to know their various tax rates and any changes that are made to them. These can be different depending on state, county, town and other taxes that may apply. As the POS vendor, we can assist you, whether it is providing services or providing training on how to make these changes. Advance notification of these changes will allow more time to ensure that the changes are in place in a timely manner.

Tax rates are an important part of any type of business. STCR’s Support Center is here to ensure that the POS settings are being used and working properly. For more information on your tax tables please contact our Support Center at (607) 757-0181.