Pre Scan from DataLogic

STCR has a new hardware system from Datalogic that allows you to pre-scan items for your customers in the check-out line and then recall them when they reach the register. The system works easily and seamlessly with any of our POS systems. It has the added benefit that during slower periods the wireless scanner can be used to ring up large items, like dog food and cases of products, from under the cart without lifting them.

The pre-scan can be done using a customer’s frequent shopper card or by using a set of ID cards that can be provided with the system. When the customer reaches the register, scan the same card at the scanner/scale to recall and ring up the items. The unique aspect of this solution is that the customer can change check-out lines between the pre-scan and reaching the register and the system can still locate and ring up their order.

The pre-scan system has other potential uses such as shopping for phone orders. The list of items is recalled at the register for tendering or even delivery using STCR’s home delivery software option.

The pre-scan application can be implemented without spending time and money on modifying existing software applications. For additional information please contact your STCR representative at (607) 757-0181.