IBM SurePOS 700 Series

The IBM SurePOS 700 Series, the premier point-of-sale (POS) solution in the IBM portfolio, now offers several new features designed to enable fast, easy service. All models of the IBM SurePOS 700 Series now feature a simple, two-screw media door for convenient access to internal drives. This feature comes standard and allows service technicians easier access to the internal hard drive, as well as the CD-ROM or DVD drive.

All models also offer optional covers that enable front-side access to the system unit without the need to remove rear cables. When used in combination with the media door, these optional covers make it very fast and simple to remove or replace internal drives. Additionally, retailers can add an optional cable arm, which provides front-side access to rear cabling without moving the system unit from its normal position at the POS. Ultimately, these features help reduce your service costs, which helps minimize total cost of ownership. Plus, these features enable faster, easier service without compromising system security.

  • Speed checkout and improve productivity with powerful standards-based platforms including Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor

  • Streamline operations with the powerful combination of IBM Light-Path Management and IBM Director, including IBM Remote Management Agent (RMA), that helps staff monitor and manage systems locally and from a central site

  • Maximize uptime and help reduce maintenance costs with virtually tool-free design, secure and easy front access and exceptional serviceability

  • Optimize investments with this highly scalable point-of-sale (POS) system that integrates with legacy systems and carries a service life cycle of up to 7 years to help lower total cost of ownership

The IBM SurePOS™ 700 is the industry’s premier point of sale solution and delivers maximum performance and adaptability for large and midsized retailers. A powerful combination of IBM Light-Path Management and IBM Director, including IBM Remote Management Agent (RMA), help staff monitor and manage systems. Plus, front access and a virtually tool-free design mean servicing the IBM SurePOS 700 Series has never been easier.STCR Business Systems has been selling, installing and supporting cash register systems for 42 years. We are an IBM Premier Business Partner with the in-house expertise to install IBM systems and train your personnel in the most professional manner. For more information about the SurePOS 700 Series, contact STCR Business Systems at (607) 757-0181.