STCR Celebrates 23 Years with IBM

In 1986 IBM created their Business Partner Program. IBM was looking for companies that knew their specific industry and could represent IBM in the marketplace. IBM recruited STCR.
In 1999, IBM created three levels of business partnership: Member, Advanced and Premier.

Entry into the 'Premier' level is by invitation only. Premier members must earn their membership each year by:
  • Passing customer satisfaction audits overseen by IBM

  • Demonstrating competency in deploying IBM solutions

  • Having their quality assurance programs and structures certified by IBM
    to educate their personnel

Of the hundreds of business partners selling and supporting IBM retail store systems, STCR Business Systems is one of only a handful of companies in the world to earn the 'Premier' designation.
This year STCR celebrates its 10th consecutive year as a Premier IBM Business Partner and its 23rd year as an IBM Business Partner. We appreciate the opportunity in serving our customers and look forward to many more years.